Personal data: name: Klaas Koetje Adress: Zuiderpark 1007 9724 AK Groningen, Netherlands email: info [at] 0031(0)610585917 Curriculum Vitae : 4-10-1958 Wildervank Netherlands Autodidact multimedia (video, sound, text, performance)

01-01-2012 till 01-01-2017 member of advisory council on art and design city of Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Since 01-08-2017 chairman advisory board sound-artists organisation iii The Hague, Netherlands

on-going stuff: performancegroup De Zoete Hanen . see below for links/Reviews on art for Kunsthuis Syb Beetsterzwaag and Tubelight (magazine). see also recensies(reviews) section of this site

of all activities listed below you can find elsewhere on this site video-clips, photographs, pieces of text, links to other sites etc.

January 2023 Contribution on invitation Grondzuigen for magazine Hidden Times joint with the exhibition Berichten uit de Onderwereld by Manja Kindt and Jan Pieter van den Bos.

March 10 - 27 2022 Y2 Projectspace, Groningen, Netherlands DQG2203 (under construction)

January - July 2022 Kunstprojecten Noorderstation, Groningen, Netherlands Screening Making Off Murallarum

September 30 - October 10 2021 The One Minutes Comfort and Vision a.o. selected for 7th ReykjavÝk International Film Festival

September 25 2021 BEURTVAART, een ruimtelijke pendeldienst over het Verbindingskanaal performance in het kader van SPREAD ZINEFEST tekst Nederlands/English page with photo's and clips under construction

May 1-2 2021 The One Minutes Comfort and Vision a.o. selected for 67. Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen on-line viewing

March 19 2021 Review De Volkskrant (leading national newspaper) Art Piece of the Week, Netherlands Zie Je Dat? Dutch only

March 5 2021 The One Minutes , on-line, Netherlands Untitled as part of Comfort and Vision curated by Salim Bayri. Accept the cookies for playing (from 0'11 till 1'11)

June 2020 Contribution on invitation parts of 'sam 'teks to publication Montage by Defka Research, Assen (Nl), for sale through

March 2020 Acting in a trailer for film Waterwerk by Sander Roux.

May 11 & 12 2019 WEP Projectspace, Groningen, Netherlands The iPhöne Art Collection (under construction)

April 9-11 2019 ISBA (Institute Superieur des Beaux Arts), Besancon, France Performances European Crap (with Florent Poussineau) and Portrait de l'artiste en homme veillissant

July 23rd 2017 HAL25, Alkmaar, Netherlands Performing as Marconist Coco Diesel: Tip the Scales in a Gambler's Favor

April 29th 2017 Code Rood, Arnhem, Netherlands Video-installation: DQ1704

April 19-23 2017 OUT OF THE BLUE (edition II), The Chapel, Brussels Belgium Video screening Virtual Painting #1, organised by Greylight Projects

May 22nd 2016 Biotopendag, Groningen/Haren, Netherlands Joint presentation with Martijn Schuppers: Video "Wallhouse" projected on and in a reconstruction of the installation by Martijn in Wall House #2(John Hejduk), 15-17 April 2016

September 14-26 2015 20 ans d'expositions, L'Assaut de la Menuiserie, St. Etienne, France Jubilee of the gallery. Group show with Marie Mestre, Wandrille Durufl´┐Ż and Jean-Baptiste Sauvage The Fan Man performed in French for the vernissage

September 12 - November 8 2015 The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of Muzak, Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, Netherlands. Soundsculpture Pandora's Muzak Box

May 2/3 2015 Fifty Shades of Pink (group show) Wep Project Space, Groningen, Netherlands. video installationVideo Painting #6

October 30th 2014 Participating in constructing Recording in Wood. A project by Steven Jouwersma at PK37 Haarlem, Netherlands.

October 11th 2014 Nacht van de Liefde, Leeuwarden, Netherlands Performance De Zoete Hanen 'Hartzeer'

September 13th 2014 Greidhoekfestival, Wommels, Netherlands Performance De Zoete Hanen

Marc 2013 Publication "Een portret van l'artiste as a young man (ongeveer sechs Jahre sp´┐Żter, wide awake)" multi-lingual text for the book Things Design Themselves by Adrien Tirtiaux

September-October 2012 Four filmed interviews for In Search Of.... a project on Bas-Jan Ader. Films (low resolution) also on VIMEODutch spoken.

July 15th 2012 Open Ateliers 2012 Groningen, Netherlands Performance The Fan Man at Hamrik Performance Festival and Triptych Feeling Good at Fort Alfa , solo  

March 2011 Blind Tom by Jan. H. de Hartog Netherlands main character in short western movie in collaboration a.o. with Wouter Jansen (Hungry Bears Don't Dance)  

January 24th - February 6th 2010 Greylight Projects Hoensbroek (Heerlen), Netherlands Virtual Painting #3 (Tryptik on show windows) , solo  

June 24th - October 31st 2009 Höhler Biennale Gera, Germany LOOP #2 , group exhibition  

June 12, 27 & July 3, 2009 COM/PLOT De Fabriek, Eindhoven, Netherlands video-installation, Contribution to project by Kor Smeenge and Geertjan van Ouwendorp  

February 27th - March 9th 2009 NOK 3 Museum Belvédère Heerenveen, Netherlands videographics, presentation Sign, Videoskoop  

December 2008 Publishing in literary magazine Noachs Kat Amancio.Dutch only 

September 6th 2008LIVE CINEMA Performance ExtrapoolNijmegen, Netherlands: video-sound performance,in collaboration with Kaspervan Hoek  

6 June to 27 July 2008SYNTHESIS RoodkapjeRotterdam, Netherlands: beamer-installation LOOP, group exhibition  

20 June 2008 ROCK N ROLL La Serre Ecole des Beaux Arts, Saint Etienne, France: performance with alto Clark (a.k.a. Benjamin Triouleyre)  

20 to 29 June 2008 L'Assaut de la Menuiserie Saint Etienne, France: video-installation DQStE0806  

9, 10, 11 November 2007Audio Office #2 Groningen, Netherlands: video-installation DQG0711, group exhibition  

1 September to 18 September 2007 Aus Niederlande. Videowerke Zero project Berlin, Germany. Videographic #8, group exhibition.

December 2006 to March 2007 'Beauty Unrealized', PSWAR, Amsterdam, Netherlands, group exhibition.

November 3, 2006: Contribution to 'Club de Gootsteen' by Steven Jouwersma, FMI, Groningen, Netherlands

October 2006 Project Wildbeaming, organised by Sign, Groningen, Netherlands, beaming in public space. Place de la Republique - video on smoke curtain, Grote Markt, Groningen It never rains on Google Earth - internet and textgraphics, several locations in Groningen

July-October 2006The Process and The Hanging as part of the exhibition 'The Nature of Painting' by Martijn Schuppers, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Netherlands

June 2006, Galerie Melk, Texel, Netherlands: Exhibition of poem 'Melk' as part of the exhibition by Ineke Kuiper and Patrick Tanghe.

January/February 2006 Kunsthuis Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands 'Domus Quadrigemina'. Solo exhibition. Video installation.

Fall 2005 Documentary 'The Process and The Hanging'. Documentary which shows the realisation of a showpiece by painter Martijn Schuppers for the renewed building of the Council for the Judiciary , The Hague, Netherlands.

February 2005 Publishing in Poetry Magazine Krakatau: Woensdag (tot en met zaterdag kans op nachtvorst); first day of the collection which is created under the workingtitle Samtex

Since 2005 Participant in Videoskoop by Sign, Groningen, Netherlands; dvd with Videographics (early works)

A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man (finishing a part of segment XI) - a video (august 2004; apprx. 8 minutes)

April 18-21 2004 Amsterdam, Public Space with A Roof: Loop, a virtual irreality (beamer installation)

Contribution (videorecording and advising) to De Ferkearde Wei, (February 2004) a multimedia dance performance by Sytze Pruiksma, Henry J. Alles and Peter Kadar

Writing (one novel Oud IJzer 2001 finished, not published; some short stories and working amongst other stuff on a poetryproject called Samtex right now) Joined performancegroup De Zoete Hanen. Recent performances: Puintuin Groningen; Cyberspaceat Noisivision Breda; Opening Infirmerie (Centre for the Arts) Leeuwarden; PresentationWaddenkunstprijsHarlingen; Performance Fergean 30-1-05) Screenplay and editing 'Flight to the lair of the sea serpent', a film by Helmer Andersen (January 2004) Reviews on art for Kunsthuis Syb Beetsterzwaag and Tubelight(magazine).

August 2002.Golven (Waves) a soundinstallation of twelve marine phones in a darkened beach-cabin with a flexible floor. Part of the group exhibition Cabanes, Texel, Holland.

April, May and June 2001. 2001 Co-operating with Point de Vue Disposition et Murmure by Henry J. Alles/Vista Works consisting of: Beersoup, homemade, gallery consumed at Kunsthuis Syb, Beetsterzwaag The Napkin Trail, stage 2001, a collection of Dutch-Anglo aphorisms on napkins put in boxes which were for sale. Eating and drinking Andy Warhol, Performing for videofilm of Rodney Artiles (Groningen, Paris, Oakland (CA)). The Napkin Trail and the video of Rodney Artiles travelled along with Point de Vue etc. which besides Kunsthuis Syb in Beetsterzwaag also was to be seen and experienced in Las Palmas Rotterdam in

January 2000 Comeback, Feedback wallinstallation Groupexhibition Sign, Groningen

december 1999 Text catalogue De Rondeling voor Eerste Nederlandse Legpuzzel Café van H.J. Alles/Vista Works, (First Dutch Jigsaw Cafe)

April 1991 Publication short story Het Dopplereffect in De Gids.

1982-1988 several exhibitions and performances with video-art in places like HCAK (Centre for Actual Art The Hague) Den Haag; Pictura Dordrecht; Grand Theatre Groningen; Veenlust, Veendam