flight to the lair of the sea serpent 3'49"

Acclaimed Swedish artist Helmer Andersen pops up in my hometown Groningen now and again. His whereabouts are enigmatic. We have become friends but I don't know his phone number (if he has any) and sending him a letter or an e-mail is completely useless. In the summer of 2004 he was around for a while and he decided to fight the mythical sea serpent which has been a nuisance to him since his childhood. For some time Helmer lived in a basement in Groningen and worked out a performance to fight the spell of the sea serpent. This performance was tried out on the coast near Den Helder and in the city of Leeuwarden. As he came to the conviction the strenght was enough to prevail the mythical sea serpent he set out for the coast of Groningen near Westernieland and executed his performance. Some people showed up with cameras and I made this film out of the material. I don't know if Helmer likes it. He never saw it and I think he doesn't want to.... After this performance he showed up in Assen and as some recall in the States (connecting to his fellow artist Rodney Artiles) and some people tell he was in Rome, Italy shortly. Since then I've lost track of Helmer Andersen but I am sure he will show up and I presume he is living in Dresden, Germany at the time.
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