Aimee Terburg Murallarum

Making Off Murallarum is a film made in the second part of 2021 for Groningen based artist Aimee Terburg and the re-started Kunstprojecten Noorderstation. Aimee thought it a pity that the art space that is a former staircase to the train platform was hardly used anymore. She renovated the interior and funded by Kunstraad Groningen kicked off the re-start with a painting and lighting project called Murallarum.

I filmed the result of painting and lighting and finished with the making off. It was a way for Aimee and me to express the space was blank again for future projects. The project was filmed with Go Pro Fusion (360 degree camera), Apple iPhone 8plus and JVC GY-HMQ10E (but only in hd-format).

It was screened in the first part of 2022 on the platform of Noorderstation so the travellers could watch while waiting. In my exhibtion DQG2203 I presented it as a vr-movie which created not only a completely different experience of watching Making Off Murallarum but could be seen as a new work as well.

Deze film is mede gefinancierd door

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