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films on this page are made for artists who had an exhibition in Sign, Groningen.

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Vena Naskrecka

Machiel Braaksma

Gootzen /Van Hoek

Kunstvlaai 2010 *

Michael Karr

Byungjun Kwom

Byungjun Kwom

Mirko Lazovic

les garcons

Freddy Tratlehner


Adger Stokvisch

Chantalla Pleiter



Anja Hertenberger

Feiko Beckers

Josien Niebuur

Benjamin Gaulon

Maarten Kastelijns

Carlos Llavata

Josien Niebuur

Matthijs Hendriks

Carlos Llavata

Martijn Verhallen

Karl Klomp

* participating artists: Chantalla Pleiter, Tarik Barri and Hideki Kanno

other artists who use(d) material filmed by me: Guy Bahir Jean Baptiste Sauvage Birgit Graschopf Uitenthuis/Osterholt Daniel Valentim Wouter Huis Jaime Ibanez