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Invited by culinary artist Florent Poussineau to put up a performance together at the 10th ISBA performance festival Excentricités X : Insurrections in Besançon (Fr.) we came up with European Crap.

I asked artists I personally know from all countries of the European Union to bring me a kilo of flour from their home-country. The campaign started early December 2018 as I was hoping for once people go home for X-mas. We ended up with packages from 18 countries. Not bad to create European pancakes at the ISBA-performance festival.

The pancakes or crêpes (sounds like crap) as they are called in French were made from a dough made with egg, beer and milk as additives to the mix of European flour. We baked almost 150 European Crêpes They were served on a serviette/napkin on which a poem of mine was printed, translated in French.

The napkin referred to a small poetry project I did in the USA on a road trip in 1990. I wrote poems on napkins in the diners and fast-food restaurants I visited and left them behind without a copy so who can tell where they are and even if they still exist.

On this page you’ll find several links to a photo-gallery, some clips, the poem with translations both in French and English.

Florent and me whish to thank the following artists (check their works by clicking their name) who provided the flour for the performance: Hendrik Hantschel, Natalia Sliwowska, Angeliki Diakrousi, Kristiina Koskentola, Vilius Vaitiekũnas, Patrizia Ruthensteiner, Cristina Beteringhe, Daniel Valentim, Vanina Tsvetkova, Andres Sahl Andersen, Alice Strete, Liesbeth te Velde, Vaida Valanciũnaite, Hannes Andersson, Tao Sambolec, Jakub Valtar, Steven Jouwersma.

photography by babou reis

poem in French, English & Dutch by klaas koetje

original flour packages

filmed registration 7'46"

'European Crap'
was realised on 10th April 2019 at
Institute Supérieur des Beaux Arts, Besançon (Fr.)

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