WAVES, a soundinstallation with twelve marinephones on Texel, Holland August 2000. Seventeen artists were invited to make work for a beach cabin and I was one of them. The marinephones displayed live transmitted communication on sea and in harbours close around (23 available channels). The cabin (2 by 2 mtrs) was made pitchdark and I constructed a lifted floor that gave the impression you were actually standing on a ship.

PLACE DE LA REPUBLIQUE In the Wildbeaming project of Sign, Groningen, Netherlands (October 2006)I tried to put up a virtual reality by projecting footage of the Place de la Republique in Saint-Etienne, France on a smoke screen on the Grote Markt in Groningen. The smoke 'bombs' I made myself and the action itself was illegal but the police didn't intervene. Next time I have to produce more smoke.

In the same wildbeaming project I did the piece IT NEVER RAINS ON GOOGLE EARTH. Wardriving (invading not-secured networks) I zoomed in on the spot where I was on Google Earth, downloading Google Earth from the available network. This was combined with the projection of randomised (Resolume software) texts being (from top to bottom) Movement is a virtual irreality, It never rains on Google Earth, Please make some noise and The world is flat.