EUROPEAN CRAP was a performance together with friend and colleague Florent Poussineau at the art academy of Besançon ISBA on the occasion of their 10th Performance Festival. It's all about baking and eating pancakes in a European context presented on a printed poem of mine. April 2019.

PORTRAIT DE L'ARTISTE (EN HOMME VEILLISSANT) was performed at the 10th ISBA performance festival in Besançon in 2019. It was a bit of a shock to find out I've forgotten a cable so I had to do a re-enactment at SIGN project space in Groningen. In the end it resulted in a nice work of documentation.

Pandora's Muzak Box is a sound sculpture produced for the exhibition The Hills Are Alive With The Sounds Of Muzak at Nieuwe Vide in Haarlem from September 12 - November 8 2015. As Muzak was originally a technological invention to broadcast by the electric grid to bring entertainment and information available for everyone, I created this piece. The music is Fanfare For The Common Man, composed by Aaron Copland. A Faraday Cage was built around the sculpture to prevent magnetic fields it produces to interfere with other works in the exhibition. Publication Trendbeheer and Metropolis M.

PLACE DE LA RÉPUBLIQUE In the Wildbeaming project of Sign, Groningen, Netherlands (October 2006)I tried to put up a virtual reality by projecting footage of the Place de la Republique I filmed in Saint-Etienne, France on a smoke screen on the Grote Markt in Groningen. There was an on-going debate on making the Grote Markt more friendly for the people of Groningen. The Place de la Republique which happens to be in the same North-South direction and also in front of the city hall could have been an example. To show a virtual impression of both sound and image of what might be I used smoke 'bombs' I made myself. The action itself was illegal but the police didn't intervene. Next time I have to produce more smoke.

In the same wildbeaming project I did the piece IT NEVER RAINS ON GOOGLE EARTH. Wardriving (invading not-secured networks) I zoomed in on the spot where I was on Google Earth, downloading Google Earth from the available network. This was combined with the projection of randomised (Resolume software) texts being (from top to bottom) Movement is a virtual irreality, It never rains on Google Earth, Please make some noise and The world is flat.

WAVES, a soundinstallation with twelve marinephones on Texel, Holland August 2000. Seventeen artists were invited to make work for a beach cabin and I was one of them. The marinephones displayed live transmitted communication on sea and in harbours close around (23 available channels). The cabin (2 by 2 mtrs) was made pitchdark and I constructed a lifted floor that gave the impression you were actually standing on a ship.