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Domus Quadrigemina is a concept developed by Klaas Koetje to free his video-art from the limits of time and for every location results in a different set-up. DQ ends in video-installations in which the visitor becomes part of the work and his physical presence is decisive for the realisation of image and sound. On the spot, no trickery involved.

Of course this installation relates straight to the fundamental basics that Koetje deals with in video-art: simultaneous recording of image and sound on a magneto-dynamic tape. An analogue technique almost pre-historic nowadays that to him still has a huge expressiveness and keeps him fascinated. He creates audio-visual compositions out of this technique that these days are digitally preserved or applied in interactive installations.DQ refers to the small area in the brain that is known as corpora quadrigemina where sound and image, coming in through different senses, are connected so the different speeds of light and sound are corrected. The number refers to the period of realisation.