Photography by Klaas Koetje

Clips from Domus Quadrigemina

Television-report by Omrop Fryslân

Silent Domus, photography Tijs Rooijakkers (edited by Klaas Koetje)

Domus Quadrigemina by Hans Koster (edited by Klaas Koetje)

review by Anne Jaap de Rapper (only Dutch)

Leeuwarder Courant (article)

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Domus Quadrigemina was a project
in Kunsthuis Syb, Beetsterzwaag
18th January 2006 until 19th February 2006

The Corpora Quadrigemina is the part in the brain
where sound and vision are connected. Searching
for a title for a project in Kunsthuis Syb I ran into
this by accident. It was an astonishing discovery
because it suddenly cleared up something about
my work in which I not only strive for the total
connection of sound and image but also experienced
how deeply this way of working penetrates into
the mind of visitors/viewers.